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The chemagic™ Prime Junior

The chemagic™ Prime Junior instrument

The chemagic™ Prime™ Junior instrument: streamlined workflow from primary sample to ready to use DNA/RNA or assay setup

Designed with flexibility in mind – The chemagic Prime Junior instrument enables a streamlined workflow from primary sample to ready to use nucleic acids. Eluate handling such as transfer to storage tubes is included, moreover some deckspace is reserved to fulfill further automation needs in PCR/NGS/Assay setup. It is dedicated for all sample materials like blood, plasma, saliva, urine, swabs, feces. Reveal what‘s possible in next generation of automation. With a maximum capacity of 48 samples (4 x 12) from 200 - 1000 µl human body fluids, it is also possible to load sequentially to be most flexible in your daily routine.

Workflow features

  • Barcode reading ensures full sample traceability
  • Automated sample handling eliminates user related variabilities
  • M-PVA Magnetic Bead based nucleic acid extraction with preinstalled protocols
  • Optimized kits bearing quality, recovery rate and speed in mind
  • User-friendly interface and status lights for easy operation
  • Deckspace reserved to fulfill automation needs in PCR/NGS/Assay setup

Supported applications

  • Genomic DNA and RNA isolation from blood, cells, saliva and tissue for biobanking
  • Isolation of viral/bacterial nucleic acids from serum/plasma pools
  • Processing human body fluids for research applications
  • Extraction of high molecular weight DNA for long range sequencing
  • Isolation of DNA from various samples for microbiome analysis
  • The use of the chemagic™ technology ensures efficient isolation of high-quality nucleic acids.


Bearing quality, recovery rates and speed in mind the chemagic Prime Junior runs with dedicated nucleic acid extraction kits that were developed to support either genome research or applications that require viral or bacterial nucleic acids as starting point. Preinstalled protocols allow convenient operation. Due to reserved deckspace and pipetting capabilities PCR setup and sequencing kit adaptions are available on request.

Kit NameProduct CodeSample TypeSample VolumePreps/Kit
Junior gDNA KitCMG-1534blood, buffy coat, saliva, cells, buccal swabs, tissue, FFPE tissue, feces, amniotic fluid200 μl - 800 μl
depending on the sample material
Junior Pathogen NA KitCMG-1521blood, serum, plasma, saliva, sputum, swabs, CVS, urine, feces200 μl - 1000 μl
depending on the sample material

装置は研究専用です。診断目的には使用しないでください。For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.